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Child Mental Health Intervention
Counseling and Support Services Inc. offers an in-home service to individuals with Title 19 Insurance (Iowa Medical Card). These services, called Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS), are designed to help individuals, children and adults, develop and enhance the skills needed to assist them in coping with day to day events.  While in the home, employees work on skill based services such as communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution, coping skills, and decision making based on their age and the identified needs gathered in the assessment. Services can also include crisis intervention designed to deescalate volatile situations which involves the youth's struggle to manage his/her mental health symptoms.  Family assistance includes education and support in coping with the youth's mental health symptoms and management of the youth's behavior.
In-Office Therapy
Group Counseling
A variety of in-office therapeutic services are available for children, adolescents, and adults.  All of our therapists have at least a master's degree in counseling, social work, or a related field and have or are working towards licensure.  The specialties of the therapists encompass a variety of issues and populations including ADHD, oppositional behaviors, impulse control problems and emotional issues such as depression in children and adolescents.  Adult services are also available to provide therapy for mood disorders, thought disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.

Counseling and Support Services Inc. offers a wide variety of group therapy experiences.  Skilled counselors have developed a specific curriculum to teach skills to help children and adolescents follow rules, respect others, and interact appropriately with adults and friends alike. 
Child Mental Health Waiver

The CMH Waiver exists to meet the needs of children under 18 years old with serious emotional disturbance (SED).  Many children with serious emotional disturbances must leave their homes to seek support in a medical institution.  The parents of eligible children “waive” using services in an institution and choose instead to use services and individual supports to keep their children in their own home.  The intent of the CMH Waiver is to identify services and supports that are not available through other mental health programs/services. CMH Waiver services can be utilized in conjunction with traditional mental health services to develop a comprehensive support system for children with SED.


To receive these CMH Waiver services, within the past twelve months a child must have a diagnosis of serious emotional disturbance as verified by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or mental health professional.  Each child's unique needs merit an individualized outcome achievement plan (OAP) or individual comprehensive plan (ICP) actively developed with the child and family's collaborative input.  To apply for CMH Waiver services families need to call their county DHS office.

Initiating Services

There are two ways you can access services:


  1. You can call our office to schedule an assessment to identify what areas need to be addressed through BHIS Services.  OR

  2. Click on the following link, complete the referral form, then email it or mail it to us at our Sioux City office.


Once we receive your referral information, we will schedule an appointment with you.

If you would like to contact us through a self referral, please go to our 'Contact Us' form and fill in your contact information and either email it to us, print it and send it through regular mail or bring it to our office in person.

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