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Counseling and Support Services Inc. is committed to  providing quality therapy services to individuals. Therapy and family based, in-home services are provided in Western Iowa and we can service individuals from surrounding states as well. We are licensed by the State of Iowa and employ many highly trained and skilled therapist and in home workers. All of our staff are qualified and educated in the working with people in social work settings. Counseling and Support Services Inc. office is located in Sioux City, Iowa.   


Counseling and Support Services Inc. helps the entire family become better able to cope with the daily stressors of raising a family, work and school. We believe in supporting people to their fullest potential and that partnering with families is the only way that the treatment process can be successful. 

Counseling and Support Services Inc. values Dignity, Service, Integrity, Competence


Dignity for all individuals and seeks to establish and maintain positive relationships and reinforce the self worth of each person. 


Services to those in need of assistance and quality support, above the needs of the agency. We believe in treating the individual and families. 


Integrity consistent with the ethical standards of the National Association of Social Workers. Our employees are expected to demonstrate honesty, responsibility, respect  and  trustworthiness. 


Competence of employees who provide services that assist individuals and families in moving toward independence and self confidence.


Our Mission
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